ASD Assessment,ASD

The aim of this assessment is to provide a diagnostic opinion about the presence or otherwise of the Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) symptoms. Through the assessment, other difficulties may be identified, and further assessments recommended. For example, other overlapping neuro-developmental conditions such as ADHD might require a further assessment; sensory or motor skills difficulties may need an Occupational Therapy assessment; learning /educational difficulties may need an Educational Psychology assessment.

Prior To The Assessment

Information gathering from parents and/or carers and others who know the child will take place. We use a parental questionnaire including a detailed developmental history and relevant rating scales from other settings – usually school/nursery/college. These will need to be completed and returned prior to the appointment.

What Happens During An Assessment?

A detailed clinical interview with parents/carers and completion of relevant clinical history by the doctor usually lasting approximately 90 minutes.

This is followed by an Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS)assessment by our Speech and Language therapist (SLT). The SLT conducts a direct behavioural observation of the child either play-based (for younger children) or conversation-based (for older children) using the ADOS.

Finally, a feedback appointment is offered (normally virtually) to parents to discuss the final outcome.

The cost of a full ASD assessment typically ranges between £1300 to £1500 depending on each assessment’s complexity and the time involved. Should any further assessments be necessary that will entail additional charges.

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